Choose a sport to play

How it works?

Miss playing sports? Can not find a place to play? Trouble finding like-minded sports enthusiasts to team up with? SportsWave answers all those questions, and more!

We will help you re-discover the joy of playing sports and transform you from a stressed out office-goer to an amateur sports star faster than Usain Bolt can run his 100 mts!


1. Join

Fill up a simple form and indicate your choice of sports in your profile. That's it! Your journey to sports stardom has begun!
2. Discover 

We have leagues, matches, tournaments, sessions running all through the week after office and on weekends. Browse our 'Events' section to join the ones you like or 'Contact Us' for anything specific and we will make sure you get to play your favorite sports in no time.  Get set to create and break some records!
3. Play

Once you have selected what sports to play and when, the rest is a breeze! Do not worry about what sports gear to get or where to find team mates or opposition - that's what we are there for. All you have to do is turn up in your sports shoes with loads of enthusiasm, and we will take care of the rest!
4. Relive

Playing your favorite sports is only half the fun. We will help you relive your on-field performances and share it with the world. Every match has video highlights uploaded on our Youtube channel, picture album updated on our Facebook page, personal statistics maintained on your profile page and scorecards & match reports updated on our website. You are no less than a sports star for us, and we make sure you get that treatment!