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"Its a brilliant initiative and exactly what anyone would like to do on a weekend and that is unwind playing your favourite sport. As a person who likes to play football the ground and posts are absolutely kosher compared to other avenues in Delhi. Look forward to Saturdays thanks to Sportswave. Cheers guys, keep up the good work."   Gautam Karhadkar
"Sportswave sports facilities at Ansal Institute of Technology helped me relive my passion. Corporate life had taken away my playground friends until Sportswave helped me made new friends. I appreciate Sportswave commitment to provide us a professional and competitive environment to play sports."   Ankur Chaudhary
Cool Junk Tech
"I learnt a lot from the website in forms of interesting trivia and some great quiz questions."   Ravi Handa
"All you need is enthusiasm and willingness to play... Be assured, rest everything is being taken care of!"   Deepak Kumar
"Just love it when there are people and here an organization that prompts boys and girls step outdoor and prompts men and women be boys and girls!"   Ankush Siddhu
Yes Bank
"Everything from facilities to the staffs to the participation is great. Love to spend the time with you guys as you people make playing sport such a fun while competing! Keep up the good work."   Vishal Saini
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
"Sportswave provides the perfect platform to play your favourite sport (for me football)! The facilities (ground, goalposts, lights) are excellent!"   Anuj Chopra
"1.Excellent co-ordination with everyone 2.Very committed, helpful and efficient sporstwave team and staff 3. Helps me pursue my passion along with my professioanl life"   Abhijit Mittal
"Once in job and because of stress filled corporate life I never thought I would be back in field to do what I'd always loved to do - play. Costly club memberships, lack of time and infrastructure and most importantly not knowing like-minded sports lovers in a city like gurgaon made it tough to start playing again. Sportwave took care of all these and provided the necessary platform to once again make me re-live the sporting days I'd spent during my school and college days. Cricket, Soccer, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball...Sportwave has it all. Believe me, what takes me back there on every weekends isn't just about enjoyment and making new friends; but also some pretty serious & competitive sports that I've always been passionate about. Having been a part of weekend cricket matches and a corporate tournament since I joined Sportswave in January 2012; it has now become an indispensible part of my life which I can't think of missing ever. Kudos to Sportswave for all the good work been done. Wishing you all the best and hope you add new and exciting dimensions to this already fabulous venture. "   Manish Singh
HSIL, Gurgaon
"In this fast paced modern corporate centered lifestyles, sportswave brings together working professionals with passion for playing sports. The well maintained facilities and the dedication of the SportsWave team adds greatly to the joy of the playing. "   Rajesh
"I am not much of a writer, but I can for sure say that I owe all my tennis and basketball skills to SportsWave. When I say skills its not just my skills on the court but also my off court. Great knowledge which I have learnt by simply listening to the founders Nikhil & Vivek talk! "   Sushant
"Provides a holistic environment to keep onself fit, great hospitality, excellent facilities and cool people to hang around with!! :)"   Sudhanshu
"SportsWave, is really doing good job to keep the sporty feel alive among the corporates. There are not many such groups, and I guess no one documents your play and no one gives you an after match report. These reports are fun to read with friends and colleagues and gives us kind of a professional feel. Sportswave constantly tries to improve on their facilities and offerings, and everyone is friendly and helpful. These guys are living their dream :-). Good going guys, and all the best for your future endeavors. "   Shashwat Verma
"Team Sportswave is a very professional and dedicated unit driven by motivated individuals and coordinators. I have been playing in tournaments conducted by SW and feel that the preparations and conduct of the matches are carried out extremely well. Hope to see the guys behind this continue to do a great job Two thumbs up to sportswave!"   Sumit Sehrawat
"SportsWave have been instrumental in bringing sports to people in a city like Gurgaon which doesn't have much options. I congratulate all the people behind SportsWave for doing such good work. SportsWave offers loads of enthusiasm and camaraderie which other sports academies lack. This is what makes people ,specially from corporate world who are quality conscious, associate with SportsWave and builds a win-win relationship. "   Saurabh Shrivastava
Stryker Global Technology Center, Gurgaon
"Sportswave has added a zing to my weekends. I so look forward to meet sports enthusiasts like myself. The games are well organised and competitive. Kudos to the sportswave team."   Anirban Sengupta
Artemis Hospitals
"Being a football fanatic I think Sportswave are doing a great job organising corporate football tournaments and having weekend football sessions which is heaven for football fanatics. They are a well organised team who give attention to detail in a spontaneous manner be it maintenance of the ground, sending regular updates and also making sure everyone gets a chance to participate..Keep up the good work..!! "   Inder Raj Singh
OSC Services Pvt Ltd
"Hassle free sports in the company of sports loving/knowing people ..No screwing around! :)"   Ankur Gahlot
"Fantastic initiative by SportsWave, something that the would-have-been soon potbellied corporate dudes wanted :) Kudos to the team for providing a platform for the basketball enthusiasts to get together :) Cheers!"   Abhinav
"I chanced upon Sportswave a year and a half ago while looking for a cricket meetup group in Gurgaon. Needless to say, it's been a great journey so far and they have moved from strength to strength in getting people like me to realize their passion for sports. With a great team which believes in what it's doing, SW is no doubt destined for a very bright future. I wish them all the best."   Salim Bhalerao
Independent Consultant
"A wonderful move by Nikhil to let working people play on the weekends. During the whole week it gets so hectic that playing 2-3 hours of the sports you love is a great relaxation. Also the tournaments organised by SportsWave keeps the proffesionalism alive Cheers!"   Bhavya Malhotra
"What can I say?? Its been a wonderful experience spending time with these guys. They provide a nice environment for sports. Playing with people who are in Industry provides a great exposure towards industry. You grow your network and you learn things. learning things is always good. Amazing experience......keep up Guys!!! You are doing great!!"   Dinesh Kumar